Stimulus Check Payment In The State Of Minneapolis

stimulus check
stimulus check

The state of Minneapolis will be receiving a guaranteed stimulus check income program in the next 12 days. The payment, which was first sent on 20th June, is now a part of the Minneapolis Guaranteed Basic Income Pilot program, which started in June 2022 and will also pay the recipients monthly cash payments till June 2024.

For this payment, around two hundred households were selected to receive these payments from the program, and they have been granted the freedom to spend the money in whichever way they see fit. The project manager of the income program informed the Washington Examiner that the payments for the program will be processed on the 20th of every month, and the participants will receive $500 per month. 

Stimulus Check Payment In Minneapolis

In order to be eligible for the stimulus check program, an applicant will have to be around 18 years old by 1st January 2022, and also have an annual income at or below 50% of the median income of the area for the state, and also live in one of the many several zip codes that have been specified by the program. Also, the applicants have to be affected by the pandemic. The qualifying effects involve having higher health expenses, losing the job, and/or losing access to child care. 

The stimulus check program is currently being evaluated by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, as mentioned by the project manager. A majority of the recipients of this program are either indigenous, black or people of color. The other recipients are either non-Hispanic or white. It has also been mentioned that a third of the households that have received money from this program have just a single person in their household.