Selena Gomez Enjoying The Singlehood

selena gomez

Earlier this year the “Hands to Myself’ singer was rumored to be dating Zayn Malik. Close sources to them then confirmed the news of their dating. Many were rooting for Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik. However, that went cold a long time ago.

She is precisely enjoying her singlehood with utmost care. Recently a TikTok video of her went viral. She was present at a Soccer game. Where she is seen cheering for the players. And perhaps one of the cutest things on the internet now after her beauty brand launching in India. Rare Beauty recently launched in Sephora India. And she has been continuously posting stories about that. She was more excited than the fans.

Selena Gomez Despises The Idea Of Dating Apps

Last year she made a statement, she isn’t looking for a partner. She is manifesting love. And she is definitely looking for a soulmate. Selena Gomez cheering for athletes at a soccer match is perhaps the most relatable content on the internet. She is yelling ‘ I am single, a little high maintenance. But I love you so much”.

The video went viral within minutes. Fans shared it saying how much they can relate to this. Selena Gomez is also perhaps tired of being single. Last year she also mentioned how is ready to date anyone at the moment. She has become desperate now. It’s been a boring ride for a long time. And fans are too Looking forward to it. Even she replied to one of her fans saying, struggle man.

She couldn’t be more cute. She has always appeared to be someone who is very kind to fans. Selena Gomez finds dating in Hollywood a very cliche concept. Everyone dates everyone, they never seem to leave the bubble. She wants to date someone who is interesting and fun.