Stimulus Check Payment Of $450 To Be Offered To The Citizens Of Maine

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The post-pandemic winter can be quite daunting for the citizens of the country- especially when it comes to the expenses such as the electricity bill. During these trying times, the state of Maine has decided to provide some form of a stimulus check payment to the citizens which is called the Emergency Energy Relief Plan.

This plan will be offering winter energy relief payments with a sum of $450 to eligible taxpayers. The Governor of the state, Janet Mills, went on to announce that close to 200,000 checks will be issued every single week- with the eligible taxpayers receiving their checks over the next few weeks. The estimated number of residents who have been considered to be eligible for the payments is 880,000. 

Citizens of Maine Will Be Receiving A Stimulus Check Payment This Winter

It has been mentioned that the residents of Maine won’t have to do anything in order to receive the stimulus check payment of $450- but they would have to meet certain criteria. The residents of the state must also have filed their individual income tax return for 2021 as full-time residents of the state. Incidentally, they must not have claimed themselves as dependent on anyone else’s return. The limit for income for individuals is set at $100,000, for the heads of the household, it is $150,000. 

As it stands, Maine is not the only state that has decided to provide direct stimulus check payments to the residents. The state of South Carolina has decreed that the citizens have just about two weeks in order to apply for a tax rebate that could go up to $800, while taxpayers in California will be receiving debit cards which are worth up to $1,050.