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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Stimulus Check 2023: Is Your State Still Sending Checks?

The United States saw unprecedentedly high inflation last year. Several government agencies authorized delivering Stimulus Checks or tax refunds as inflation relief for hardworking Americans due to the increasing costs, especially of basic commodities. A decrease in inflation over the last several months has not stopped the sending of aid. Even though Congress did not authorize another stimulus check-in in 2022, you may still be eligible for a relief payment.

There were three rounds of economic stimulus authorized during the Trump and Biden administrations.

Stimulus Check For Certain Groups

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With the most recent one, each person might get a check for up to $1,400. Americans with single incomes of less than $75,000 and joint incomes of less than $150,000 are eligible for the entire amount.

Payments begin to be reduced for persons with incomes beyond $1,400. From April 2020 to March 2021, the Government Accountability Office estimates that 165 million Americans will have received a total of $931 billion in stimulus payments.

The organization has projected that between 9 and 10 million people are still due stimulus payments. It’s been almost three years since the shutdown of the American economy. Even though many of us had personal connections to those who had perished from COVID-19, we understood relatively little about the virus itself. Millions of us have become used to participating in Zoom meetings while sitting in our jammies since those of us who could do so were able to work from home. Those who did go out into the world in search of employment risked contracting a potentially fatal illness.

Check Your Stimulus Check Status

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Since more companies were closing and unemployment was rising, the government understood that COVID-19 may plunge the economy into a serious depression. The CARES Act was passed and signed into law in March 2020. Most Americans had a stimulus check placed into their bank accounts or sent to them as part of that program.

Financial aid was also distributed to the states. There were three separate waves of stimulus packages given out by the federal government. Not other states followed suit, but many did once it became evident that no further checks would be issued.

In 2022, stimulus payments were distributed in several of the following states. Millions of locals, however, have not yet received their share of the money for a variety of reasons. Whether your state is on the list, look to see if your circumstances match up with the ones given.


According to data released by the state of California, by the end of 2022, the vast majority of relief payments up to $1,050 had been distributed. About 5%, however, won’t get out until Monday, January 16. This sum is calculated by factoring in your yearly income, the size of your family, and your tax filing status. Between $350 and $1,050 is available to those who are either single and make less than $250,000 per year, or who are married and make less than $500,000 per year.


By the end of this month, Coloradoans who filed for a tax extension in 2021 should have received their stimulus checks. There is a $750 refund for those filing as individuals and a $1,500 refund for married couples filing jointly.


The state of Idaho’s legislature granted a discount at a special session in 2022. Single filers will get $300, joint filers will receive $600, and whoever owes the most in income taxes in 2020 will receive 10% of that amount, or whichever is bigger, by the end of March.

New Jersey

Two million New Jerseyans should get their property tax refunds by the end of May. Up to $1,500 is available to homeowners with annual incomes of up to $150,000, while those with incomes between $150,000 and $250,000 would get $1,000.

Renters in New Jersey will not be in the dark. Renters with annual incomes of less than $150,000 are eligible for a $450 rebate.


On January 19, 2023, senior citizens and people with disabilities in Pennsylvania will be eligible to submit applications for refunds on their 2022 rent and property taxes. Online applications via myPATH are preferred by the state, and those who are eligible to utilize it are strongly encouraged to do so. There is a maximum reimbursement of $650, but eligible homes may be eligible for an additional rebate of up to $975.

South Carolina

A Stimulus Check of up to $800 is owed to South Carolinians who submitted their state income tax forms after October 17, 2022 (but before February 15, 2023).

Who would have thought that over three years after the first stimulus check was distributed by the IRS, it would still be a matter of discussion? States’ continued recognition of a need highlights the financial toll of the epidemic.

The federal tax credit for children was increased to $3,600 in 2021. To get the maximum benefit, a couple’s annual income had to be less than $200,000 and a single parent’s annual income had to be less than $112,000. Thus, qualifying families received advance payments for the last half of 2021, with the remaining funds to be claimed during the next tax season. 

But a study from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration shows that 4,1 million families never received the advance CTC from the IRS. If you think you may be eligible for both the Stimulus Check and the CTC, it’s in your best interest to see a tax expert. While the 2021 CTC is worth $4,000, it is only worth $2,000 in 2022 if you previously claimed it.

Remember that tax credits are designed to either increase your Stimulus Check or decrease your owed tax amount. Up to $800 in rebates are still available to certain residents of South Carolina. State residents who applied for an extension and had a tax bill in 2021 are included. To be included in that group, your 2017 tax return must be submitted by next Wednesday, February 15th.

If a South Carolina resident is qualified and owes less than $800 in state taxes, they will get a payment equal to the amount owing. If it meets or exceeds the minimum, the Stimulus Check will be $800. If you file by February 15th, you should get your refund in March.

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