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Sarah Herron Posts Heartfelt Message Regarding Postpartum Following Son’s Death

After the death of her son, Sarah Herron finally spoke up about her difficulties in postpartum. The 36-year-old former Bachelor star posted a picture of herself wearing a diaper for adults to Instagram within a week of suffering the loss of her dear son who was named Oliver Brown, born prematurely at the young age of 24 weeks.

Sarah Herron Reveals Her Pain Of Losing A Child As She Struggles With Postpartum Issues 

Even if a pregnancy is lost, the postpartum period will still occur. The sections regarding perinatal care and lactation assistance weren’t yet available to me. Overnight, I went from being in my second trimester of pregnancy to my fourth,” Herron explained. She went into depth about the numerous things she had underestimated as well, the fact that she did not anticipate breast milk to be coming in and would have learned to pump earlier if she knew better.

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Instead of spending her time testing out belly oils while caressing the bump says Sarah Herron. To put it out gently the actor is now taking crash courses for postpartum relief while pouring through tears. Herron is absolutely devastated as a mother she still can’t overcome the shock of losing her child, she doesn’t want relief she wishes to get her baby back.

Sarah Herron confesses ever since she returned back home without her child, Oliver, everything is like a frightening reminder of how her life was supposed to become, and what she now must endure without him ever being a part of it. Herron added nothing can really prepare you for the way pregnancy’s minor discomforts might go away completely out of the blue.

When asked how it felt, being able to do things like zipping up your winter coat again or reach down to tie up shoes and roll up onto your tummy at late night, she replied that she was wildly unprepared. And the toughest part is looking in the mirror and seeing a smoother you every day, she continued. She went on to say that it seemed “jarringly wrong” to be able to do activities that were once off-limits while her pregnancy.

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Sarah Herron claims that the things she wished for throughout the pregnancy entail “deep abandonment” towards her baby, menial things like a turkey sandwich or a glass of wine. Even the foods she enjoyed when pregnant made her feel guilty. She continued on to say the things that she once loved and craved while pregnant; such as berries (so so many berries!) felt like cheating now.

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