States Sending Stimulus Check Payments In The Next Few Months

Stimulus Check

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit, the American population went through three separate federal stimulus check payments that were issued by the government. While the checks were formally stopped by the government in 2021, there are a few states that have picked up the slack and have been constantly furnishing their citizens with some money.

The payments are, nevertheless, being issued to those citizens who fulfill certain requirements within the certified deadline. In the state of Idaho, two separate stimulus payments were introduced in 2022. The first program issued a sum of $75 per family member- while the second payment- called the Special Session Rebate- amounted to a sum of $600 for joint filers and/or 10% of the tax liability of the household. 

Stimulus Check Payments In three states

In the state of Illinois, the government implemented two separate types of stimulus check payments that have now been extended into Summer 2023. The individual income tax rebate and the property tax rebate could potentially reach a combined total of $700. However, due to an inordinately large number of payments that were to be delivered, the state expects the entire process of distribution to take a few months. The eligibility for this income was based on the 2021 AGIs below $200,000, while the property tax rebate required the payment of Illinois state property taxes. 

For the state of Maine, the qualifying period for the Maine Winter Energy Relief Payment has ended. It required residents to have filed their 2021 state tax returns no later than 31st October 2022. Most of the payments were initiated in the middle of January 2023, and have already been distributed.