Stimulus Check Update- States That Would Be Proposing Payments To Their Residents

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Tax Refund

It has been made common knowledge that the coronavirus pandemic went on to bring a wave of stimulus check relief to most American workers and businesses. As the federal government decided to move its spending from stimulus payments to infrastructural development, most of the states have decided to chip in and have started offering their own stimulus payments for 2022. As a result, the country has been seeing several states that have been offering quite a few packages while proposing more stimulus payments of some sort to the citizens in the state in 2022. 

Quite A Few States To Issue A Stimulus Check Payment

The citizens of California have it relatively easy, for the state has had a budget surplus for the last couple of years. This has allowed the federal legislature to issue some stimulus check payments to their residents. In early 2021 and 2022, the state had issued two different rounds of stimulus relief to the citizens of the state which equaled around $9 billion- as reported in a recent press release from the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom. 

The citizens of Georgia will also be seeing new stimulus check payments for the residents in the form of a tax refund. Most of the single taxpayers will be receiving a one-time check of $250, with those filing jointly receiving a sum of $500. Those who will be claiming the status of head of household will be receiving a sum of $375. 

In the state of Hawaii, Governor David Ige went on to propose a $100 stimulus check refund for all dependents and taxpayers. Just a few months after that, the state legislature went on to approve a measure that would definitely provide taxpayers- who earn under $100,000 with a check of $300.