Stimulus Check Update- Pennsylvania To Issue Payment

stimulus check
stimulus check

The Democrat Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, has been pushing his state legislators to pass a bill that would then issue stimulus check payments of $2,000 to households that have an income below $80,000.

Wolf, along with the Representative of the State, Emily Kinkead, have all been leading the calls for the state General Assembly that would lead to the passing of the legislation that would then allow the state government to utilize the unused funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. This could be especially utilized to create direct payments to all the low-income households. 

Stimulus Check Payment To Be Issued In Pennsylvania

In a statement made on Friday, Tom Wolf stated that the price of everything from groceries to gas has also been a little higher than it was just a few weeks ago. And for those Pennsylvanians who live from one paycheck to another paycheck- with even a tiny increase in expenses leading to harsh and painful decisions like choosing between rent or food.

Now seems like the time to act, and with the bill already getting introduced in the General Assembly- he wants the Republicans to come aboard this plan and unify themselves across the board so that a stimulus check payment can be passed for the citizens. 

Kinkead went on to add that they already have quite a lot of federal money that is available to help the citizens of Pennsylvanians who have been struggling. The residents of the state have been experiencing a historic increase in the price due to massive inflation along with unchecked corporate greed. 

She went on to state that a stimulus check worth $2,000 definitely has the power to transform the lives of a lot of Pennsylvanians and they would definitely need to spend the amount or return it back to the federal government.