Stimulus Check Update- Eligibility And Amount For The Tax Rebate

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Although the state of New York is not expected to issue a property tax relief before autumn, they have already started issuing the stimulus check payments. Close to three million homeowners would be receiving around a sum of $2.2 billion in the bid of the state to start offering the residents a financial boost after the pandemic.

It is expected that residents who have been deemed eligible would be receiving a sum of $1,050, with the households in New York City receiving an average benefit of around $425. On the other side, the average amount that has been estimated outside the city center has been scheduled at $970 and will be affecting around two million households. 

New York To Issue Stimulus Check Payments

Also, residents who have been earning less than $75,000 will be expected to receive an average stimulus check sum of $1,050- as they will be considered as low-income homeowners. In order to be able to apply for the HTRC or the homeowner tax rebate credit, one needs to be qualified for a 2022 School tax Relief Program- with an income which is less than or equal to a sum of $250,000 for the tax year of 2020. 

The website from government has stated that one would not need to calculate their income in order to receive the homeowner tax rebate credit- the current face of the stimulus check payment. The New York state government would be the ones calculating the income- solely for eligibility purposes- and then issue the credit based on that determination. 

The state has also announced that the homeowners would be receiving their stimulus check payments in June. Yet, most eligible applicants will receive them after this month.