Cooper Noriega Was Found Dead After Chilling Video

Cooper Noriega

Cooper Noriega, a famous TikToker, was found dead in a parking lot on Thursday just a few hours after he posted a video of himself speculating about death. The social media star, who had around 1.9 million followers on the platform, died outside a mall in Los Angeles, as mentioned by the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner. Currently, the death of the 19-year-old remains unknown and undisclosed to the public. 

Cooper Noriega Found Dead Outside LA Mall

A spokesperson from the Coroner’s office in LA informed Page Six that the ruling on the manner of Noriega’s passing away was deferred. This implies that the cause of death was still quite unclear even after an autopsy was conducted. The spokesperson further stated that the medical examiner would need some more time and investigation of this death- which would be complemented by additional studies. Once the tests came back, the medical examiner would be evaluating the case again and then determining the cause of death.

The death of Cooper Noriega came just a day after he posted a video of him lying in bed with a caption where he reflected upon death. In fact, he asked his followers who were more prone to thinking that they would be dying young. But the star didn’t really comment on how or why he would be dying young. Interestingly, the social media star has been pretty open with his followers about his recurring mental health issues and drug abuse. Just the previous week, he came on the BFF podcast and stated that he was absolutely insecure ever since he started posting on TikTok.

Cooper Noriega was also no stranger to drugs. Speaking to Dave Portnoy on the Podcast, he stated that he had been taking drugs since he was nine. And the drugs involved Adderall, Xanax, nicotine, and marijuana. In fact, he didn’t even remember a lot of his life back then.