TikTok Launches New Insights Tool To Inform Strategic Planning


Consider the potential benefits to your TikTok advertising strategy if you use this.

The platform has released a brand-new, user-friendly insights platform where you can use various filters to get relevant information about your target market(s).

Click here to explore the new platform, which has a variety of filters to help you target your audience and get in-depth information on important factors.

You may utilize data highlights to find out, for instance, what the most notable user patterns are in the United States throughout the holiday season.

It’s meant to provide you with a more tailored view on crucial data points than more generic studies and whitepapers, which may not be aligned with business goals, and it’s comparable to Facebook’s interactive insights tool (also worth a look).

More Information By The Insights Tool By TikTok

You may use the data to direct your strategy approach and make better decisions. Currently, the one issue is that TikTok’s insights database doesn’t seem to be that deep, so many of the same data points appear in numerous categories, which may not be as detailed as you’d want.

Nonetheless, the information supplied is pertinent to each component and sheds light on the app‘s functioning as a whole.

As the most popular app right now, with an expected 1.5 billion users by 2022, many businesses are seeking for new methods to capitalize on topical topics and establish themselves via TikTok videos.