LinkedIn’s Funny Reaction Closer For The Release


LinkedIn‘s ‘Funny’ response, a new method to express oneself, is almost ready for public use.

Nima Owji published a picture showing how LinkedIn plans to add a new ‘Funny,’ laughing emoji to its existing responses set.

Truth be told, it doesn’t appear to suit all that well, and what’s worse is that many so-called “influencers” on social media just grab memes like this from other sites and repost them on the platform for the sake of gaining a larger audience.

But humor and lightheartedness are always welcome, and the “laughing” response is one of LinkedIn’s most-requested changes.

Back in February, Chief Product Officer Tomer Cohen announced:

A laughing emoji response was a much-requested feature. We hear you, and we agree wholeheartedly. Comedy is a severe art form.

LinkedIn’s Emoji Caught The Net By Surprise

In response to postings concerning the epidemic, the site has already added various emoji response choices, including as the “Support” reply, which was introduced in June 2020. The next feature, dubbed “Funny,” has the potential to increase the app‘s usefulness depending on its reception among users.

There is currently no information on the ‘Funny’ feature’s release date or location on the Reactions Help page (LinkedIn normally updates its Help pages before going live with new features).

However, it seems nearing completion, with its structure and aesthetic style seeming quite well-finished.