LinkedIn Has Updated Its Professional Community Policies


LinkedIn recently announced a major update to its Professional Community Policies- which would dictate what was allowed in one’s communications. The updated policies would be aiming towards providing one with more insight into the specific elements involved in in-app engagement- simply because people, especially females, were quite disturbed by the professional application being used as a hook-up site by overeager users who would be liking the looks of their profile images. Interestingly, this is not the only reason, as there have been reports of harassment through the InMail option of the app.

LinkedIn Has Managed To Update Its Professional Communities 

LinkedIn mentioned that they would be publishing a set of their expanded resources for the members in order to better understand their policies- and how they would be applied. This would also include detailed examples of what content wasn’t allowed, and how they would be handling the restrictions on their accounts. They further mentioned that although harassment, hate speech, and any form of abusive content were never allowed on this platform, they have also added what sort of comments would be a breach of their Professional Community Policies. 

The main aim is to enable more direct insight into what one could do and couldn’t do in the app- with engagement continuing to rise throughout LinkedIn. Also, the app would ironically also see a lot more interactions that would be violating these terms. And as has been reported, women are usually targeted by such activity frequently, and disproportionately. 

A report that was uploaded by CTV Canada mentioned that there were several female users of LinkedIn that would regularly be receiving inappropriate messages from men- who would be going out of their way to inform them that they found them attractive.