Donald Trump Believes Civil War Would End Inflation

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump recently uploaded a post on his social media platform Truth where he called for a Civil war which naturally led to mass outrage. The ‘truth’ that was shared by the former President of the country did come from an anonymous account under the name of Maga King Thanos. The post had a screenshot of a 19th March tweet from Nayyib Bukele, the President of El Salvador, where he was asking how it was possible that the most powerful country in the world would be falling down so fast. This was also a response to a news update that was brought forth regarding inflation. 

Donald Trump Bringing Yet Another Controversy Into The Fold

This tweet was later shared as a screenshot on the social media platform by Lara Logan, the former host of Fox Nation. The anonymous user that supported MAGA had then “retruthed” the post writing “Civil War” which was then shared by the former President of the United States. This exchange was then highlighted by one of the most prominent conservative critics of Trump- Attorney George Conway.

In an interview with CNN on Sunday night, Conway mentioned that the Democrats weren’t taking Donald Trump seriously enough because they were scared of him. Rather, they were terrified of Republicans who were so swayed by the words of Donald Trump that they believed violence to be the solution to any problem- be it any differences in political opinion, or the like. 

The post by Donald Trump was then condemned by quite a few others- which also included members of his own party. Adam Kinzinger, a representative of the Republican Party, asked if there was any other Republican who would like to comment on the ludicrousness of the situation- or if they were waiting for one more election to come by. 

Eric Swalwell, a Democratic representative quipped that although Donald Trump was calling for a Civil War, he wasn’t man enough to be a part of it and actually fight it by himself.