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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Stimulus Check Update: Petition For $2,000 Payments

Several families throughout the country have previously received stimulus check payments along with CTC payments this year. This has allowed them some additional support to stay afloat during this pandemic. Interestingly, there has also been major support provided for more direct relief which is still ongoing- especially in the face of massive financial insecurity as well as the increase in delta variant cases. There has been a petition which calls for a monthly payment of $2,000 which has already garnered over 2.8 million signatures. 

Fourth Stimulus Check And Its Substitutions

Yet, Congress hasn’t authorized another stimulus check for this year, since it has turned its focus towards an infrastructure bill that has a budget of around $1 trillion, along with a federal budget package worth $3.5 trillion. This does leave the extra payment to the citizens solely in the hands of local governments. The current week saw the residents of California receiving yet another payment for their GSS- a sum of $600. There have also been payments of $1,000 made to school staff and teachers in quite a few states. 

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Since another economic impact payment seems to not be the priority now, most households could do with a stimulus check- even if it has a worth of $1,400. This would definitely help those who have had a baby or adopted one this year- although the money won’t be arriving until next year. The IRS has come up with several other forms of aid this year- which include supplemental ‘plus up’ payments. 

The current year has also seen a temporary expansion of the CTC stimulus check which provides eligible families with a sum of $3,600 for every single child. The advance partial payments also provide dependents with a sum of $300- which started this summer and will be issued monthly. Parents also have the option of opting out of advance checks and getting the whole sum as one. 

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