Stimulus Check Petition Closes In On 3m Signs

stimulus checks

Stimulus Checks are the need of the hour for the people of America right now. The government has so far provided a total of three checks. Those checks did help the people to a certain extent. But the amount of loss incurred by the families was far more. The money provided through those checks was used up very fast. Thus, the citizens have been demanding a fourth stimulus check for a long time.

A lot of requests have been made to the federal government. Several petitions have been signed in favor of more payments. However, the federal government did not seem keen on the idea of more payments. They had earlier mentioned that they will be open to any suggestions. However, as of now, the possibility of another check seems bleak. 

Stimulus Check Petitions Gains Huge Momentum

The need for more payments made the citizens launch a couple of checks. Out of them, one particular petition gathered huge momentum. It has been the crowd’s favorite ever since it was launched. This petition was launched online and can be found at the website. 

The main protagonist of this petition is Stephanie Bonin. She is the owner of a restaurant in Denver. The bill has proposed the government offer a stimulus check of $2000 to all the citizens of America. These payments have been demanded on a monthly basis. The bill asks the government to eliminate any eligibility criteria, making the money available for all. 

The petition has been signed by a huge number of people. To date, over 2.9 million signatures have been recorded. It is well in course to become the highest signed petition in US history. Stimulus Check petition demanding $1400 for elderly citizens has also been launched recently.