Stimulus Check Update- A Dozen States In Line To Issue Payments

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Although millions of American residents are hoping for another stimulus check payment, the federal government has decided to put its mind toward other projects. The last economic impact payment was made all the way back in March of 2021, which implies that it has been almost a year since Americans went on to receive any form of financial boost from the federal government. And, while the enhanced Child Tax Credit payments of the previous year did help to increase a few bucks into the bank accounts of many throughout the nation, several lawmakers did allow for the benefits to end without any form of extension in 2021. 

Stimulus Check Payment In The State of Illinois

Now, while there might not be any form of stimulus check payments from the federal government, there could be a lot of cash headed one’s way at the state level. As of the middle of May, around a dozen different states have been preparing to issue more cash payments to their residents. And if you are fortunate enough to live in these states, there could be a lot of money coming your way. 

California has already pushed out a couple of different state stimulus check payments to residents who will be qualifying, and now more financial help seems to be on the way. A recent proposal that was made by Gavin Newson would send most of the prepaid debit cards worth a sum of $400 to the drivers of the state. The major idea behind this was to help offset the high cost that most drivers were paying at the pump. Goes without saying, most of the residents of California have been hit pretty hard by the rise in gas prices. 

In the state of Illinois, residents could get a stimulus check payment this year. The Democratic legislators in the state went on to recently propose a payment of $100 per adult, and a sum of $50 per child in every household.