Stimulus Check Update: Americans To Receive A Sum Of $1,000

stimulus check
stimulus check

Some workers in America will be in line to receive a stimulus check payment due to working through the pandemic. The city of Georgia has already started rewarding its city employees who worked their jobs during the pandemic and were also at the highest possible risk of contracting the virus.

This was reported by the Kennebec Journal which stated that the city had earmarked a sum of $163,000 from the $1 million that it had received from the American Rescue Act for this initiative. Most of the full-time city workers will be qualifying for a bonus of $500, while part-timers have been set to receive a payment of $250 under this new plan. 

States In The Country Have Planned For Stimulus Check Payments

Also, those who are employed in the line of public safety, dispatch, custodial, or any form of rubbish collection would also be eligible for a sum of $500 more- which brings it to a total of $1,000 for quite a few workers in the city. Even in the state of Colorado, the stimulus payments of $800 will be issued to most of the families who previously filed their tax returns for the state by the 31st of May. The cashback will help an estimated 3.1 million residents of Colorado, as announced by Governor Jared Polis on the 25th of April. 

In the state of North Carolina, inflation remains quite a large concern with many wondering if the Governor of the state will be adding stimulus check payments to the budget. The state already has a surplus of $6.2 billion, with Roy Cooper’s budget planning to invest in most of the businesses, communities, and North Carolina families. 

Connecticut would be seeing a tax rebate of $250. The budget bill of Connecticut was recently put into law by Governor Ned Lamont- which also included $600 million worth of tax cuts and rebates in place of direct stimulus checks.