Stimulus Check Update: Pennsylvania To Receive Payment

Tax Season Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, recently went on to push the General Assembly to pass the legislation for another stimulus check payment. Accordingly, this would lead to a payment of $2,000 to most of the citizens of the state. This legislation will also be a major part of the $500 million PA opportunity Program which was previously funded by the American Rescue Plan Act.

In a statement, the Governor stated that the citizens of this state shouldn’t be choosing between paying for their utilities or childcare. He also went on to ask the General Assembly to unite for the sake of the citizens- for their success would lead to the success of the commonwealth. 

Pennsylvania To Create Stimulus Check Payments

It was in April when Governor Wolf made the stimulus check proposal, and there were several demands that came underneath it. As of now, not much has transpired on the efforts for direct relief. Yet Wolf believes that the Democratic leaders in both the Senate and House are currently on board to introduce all forms of bills that would support the program. In an interview with Newsweek, Wolf had stated that times were pretty right now since the price of every utility had gone up, and being the Governor, it was his duty to look for solutions.

Governor Wolf further stated that he was all for supporting long-term solutions to support working families better- which would also encompass increasing the minimum wage. Interestingly, he was also in favor of proposing a stimulus check solution that would help the citizens get back on their feet.

This plan from the Governor would be providing direct payments of $2,000 to those citizens that made less than $80,000 annually. The press release of Wolf claimed that the program would be aiming at helping families that were still recovering from the financial strain of the pandemic- or support them with covering the costs that were related to the pandemic. 

With the state having the funds, the Governor can fully push for the stimulus check payments.