Stimulus Check Update: Push For A Fourth Stimulus Payment?

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

A push for the fourth round of stimulus check payments can be seen by some lawmakers. In the previous round, almost 169 million or more payments had been sent out. Under federal financial aid, $3200 has already been paid to adults with eligibility. $1200 has been sent out under economic security and covid 19 aid relief. Other than that, $600 and $1400 was also sent out under relief measures in December and the American rescue plan in March. 

Why Do Citizens Need The Stimulus Check

In spite of all the financial aid, American citizens are struggling to pay their expenses due to the economic crisis, and the growing delta variant is making the situation worse. The unemployment rate is at 5.2% currently, but the uncertainty and fear are still haunting citizens. Expired federal benefits on labor day made 9.1 million people lose enhanced unemployment benefits. According to the people, the last round of stimulus check payment sent $1400 to each resident, but that did not last a month. 

Democratic lawmakers initiated a push for $2000 checks per month until we overcome the pandemic. But a $1400 payment got authorized for each adult with eligibility by the American Rescue plan. The analysis says that these three rounds of stimulus check payments helped the citizen to pay debts. Since the situation is not under control, they are expecting another round of thus relief payments to bear their household expenses. 

Top economists suggested giving more direct financial aid to citizens. The economy is improving, but the instability of people’s income is still evident. The government aid programs could not fully recover the damage as many people were unable to apply, where some thought they could be ineligible, some might have given up waiting.

The fourth round of stimulus checks is put on hold or delayed because the administration is focusing on improving the infrastructure plan to rebuild the economy. But as the delta variant has started spreading, the unemployment rate is likely to go up in the states with low vaccination rates. In Texas,72000 job losses have already taken place. The hardships for citizens are increasing, so the fourth round of payment might put them to relief for the time being.