California Stimulus Check: When Will The Payments Come And Who Will Get It?

stimulus checks
Tax Refund

Two-thirds of the California residents have qualified for the Golden State Stimulus check and will receive $600. You can check out who qualifies for such payments.

The aim of the plan is to deliver financial aid to families who have struggled in the pandemic. Gov. Newsom has hailed that as the biggest state tax rebate in the history of America. 

Some of the eligible families have qualified for an extra $500 to bring the total payment to $1,100.

When Will The Stimulus Check Arrive?

The first batch of checks was sent on the 27th of August. Over 650k stimulus checks were sent to the low-income California residents. The second batch was larger and was sent on the 17th of September. 2 million people were eligible to receive this payment.

The Franchise Tax Board was issued to eligible residents and a confirmation was made for the third batch of stimulus checks that might go out on the 5th of October.

The taxpayers who had filed their returns after the 20th of August will have to wait for 45 days for their payments to be issued.

Who Will Qualify For The Payments?

The residents who were earning AGI around $30k or less were eligible to get the first Golden State Stimulus checks. For the second edition, the eligibility has been extended to people earning up to $75k.

You need to be a resident of California for more than half of 2020 to qualify for the $600. Residents who have a dependent will get an additional $500. These people will get an additional $1,100.

The only recipients of Golden State Stimulus I that are eligible for another payment are those who claimed a qualifying child or relative as a dependent on their 2020 tax return.