The Fourth Stimulus Check: Petition Has Reached To A Massive 2.9 Million

stimulus checks

The petition for the stimulus check has received 2.9 million signatures as the Delta strain of the virus continues to wreak havoc. The online petition has gained traction but the Congress members have not yet been pressurized.

The petition was launched in last year and called for the Senate to deliver legislation where adults would receive a $2,000 check while kids would receive a $1,000 and this would be continued for the duration of the pandemic.

The petition has been approved by 100k more people in the last month and has reached 2,887,000. If it reaches 3million it will be the most signed petition of all time on the site.

The Congress’ Reaction To The Stimulus Check Petition

Ilhan Omar was the Minnesota Rep. and introduced legislation that established a fed universal basic income system. This was proposed for 5 years where adults earning under $75k would receive $1.2k per month and $600 for each dependent child. 

This income bill drew support from 4 legislators who were Cori Bush, Dwight Evans, Pramila Jayapal, and Jamaal Bowman. 

Over 80 Democrats have supported more stimulus check, in Congress in the present year.

21 Senators had urged the President to support the 4th round in a letter, last March. The lawmakers had a previous discussion that the last payments of $1.4k were not enough to help the families, who were struggling under the hardships caused by the crisis.

The coalition of senators included a range of Democrats, from moderates like Debbie Stabenow to progressives including Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren, and 6 committee chairs across finance, agriculture, banking, armed services, judiciary, and budget.