Stimulus Check Worth $400 For New Mexicans Coming Soon

Stimulus Check Disability Benefit
Stimulus Check

Numerous people in New Mexico with low-income levels are considered eligible to receive additional stimulus checks. The government of New Mexico has decided on providing $400 relief money if eligible residents apply within 7th October. 

Since the deadline for application is now just a few days left, citizens are encouraged to apply without fail. Only people who apply will be able to claim the stimulus money. 

Details And Deadline For Stimulus Check 

Lawmakers of New Mexico have approved offering stimulus checks through a program of direct payment at the beginning of 2022. They also approved using $10 million for the purpose of relief payments. Applications have already started on 26th September. 

Deputy Secretary at Human Services New Mexico, Angela Madrano, mentioned that families with low income have been experiencing a harsh economic time due to inflation and the pandemic. They will use a $10 million fund to provide aid to such families so they can stay afloat and buy basic needs like medication, gas, and food. 

Residents must be verified citizens of New Mexico. They must carefully fill out their applications providing their full name, address, and routing number along with bank account details. 

Relief Payments For New Mexicans 

Applicants must provide their numbers of social security or taxpayer identification as well as their driver’s license number. Beneficiaries will be getting their relief money through the mail or direct deposit method. 

The stimulus check is likely to be delivered by 30th November to all eligible residents. The government has not yet mentioned the number of families receiving stimulus money but it will be based on the total applications they will receive. They also emphasized that the families with the lowest income level will be the first beneficiary. So those yet to apply must hurry and apply within 7th October at the Department of Human Services of New Mexico.