Stimulus Checks Worth $4000 Are Still Available

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A lot of individuals have experienced the pinch as a result of the recent spike in inflation. While the federal government has not intervened to assist common people in learning how to make ends meet, certain states have. Stimulus check payments for inflation alleviation have been made available to people in 19 states. These stimulus checks are intended to assist citizens in adjusting to rising inflation.

Let’s examine these stimulus checks and the individuals who qualify to receive them. Even if the majority of these payouts have been sent out previously, it’s possible that you haven’t received yours. In that case, you are still entitled to the sum of cash owed to you by getting in touch with your state’s tax office. 

In 2022, certain states experienced budget surpluses and chose to give taxpayers a refund. Such initiatives were decided to be developed by 19 states. If you haven’t yet requested your inflation alleviation payment, you might still be able to. The amount of the rebate varies per state and is determined by the income for both the 2020 and 2021 tax years.

Numerous state budgets are operating in surplus as a result of the pandemic. Government shutdowns throughout the most severe phase of the pandemic and funds provided by the federal government to the states also contributed to these surpluses. 

Why The Need For Stimulus Checks?

Since then, as the economy adjusts to the Fed’s aggressive rate raise campaign, inflation has continued to decline. According to the most recent data from March, the annual inflation rate was barely 5.0%

Reduced prices for food and gas have contributed to a slowdown in inflation. The price of housing has remained unabatedly high. 

Inflation is typically caused by a disbalance between supply and demand. Supplying a specific commodity or service might become more costly for a business when supply chains are disrupted or the cost of a particular raw material rises. Prices may rise as a result, and businesses often try to pass expenses on to customers. 

On the other hand, rising demand may result in higher pricing. As a result of government stimulus payments made during the epidemic, consumers had more disposable income to spend, which contributed to inflation. Other variables, such as the Russia-Ukraine war driving up petroleum prices and supply networks still adjusting to higher demand after having been shut down by Covid, also played a role in 2022’s high inflation rate. 

Who Gets Inflation Relief Checks?

Unfortunately, just a few states have chosen to provide their citizens with inflation relief checks. You must meet certain requirements to obtain one. Here is a list of who is eligible per state and the deadlines for payment distribution. 


As per the Georgia Department of Revenue, Georgia residents will get money this month from a surplus tax refund. Those who filed their returns correctly by the deadline of April 18 should expect to wait up to almost eight weeks for their refund. You have the option of checking the status of your rebate by visiting the official site. The extra funds will pay $250 to unmarried taxpayers, $375 to individuals who are the primary breadwinner, and $500 to couples filing together. 

New Jersey

If a homeowner’s AGI falls between $150K and $250K, they will receive a stimulus check worth $1,500. While receiving $450, tenants receive a small portion of what the homeowner peers do. If the AGI falls below that, the families will receive $1,000. 

Based on a declaration from Governor Phil Murphy, the majority of the payouts were made before May 3. Over 1.7 million New Jersey citizens had submitted applications by the end of March 2023. 


Back in January 2023, Maine started an Emergency Winter Energy Relief Plan. The State announced that they had mailed out all the Stimulus checks by March 31. Individual taxpayers will receive $450 and couples filing jointly will receive $900. So, if you are anticipating a check and have not welcomed it, please email the Maine government. You can also track your stimulus check.

New Mexico

Mid-June is when New Mexicans may expect their tax refund. As reported by New Mexico Taxation & Revenue, the stimulus checks will total $1,000 for couples filing together and $500 for single filers.

“Prices for essentials remain exorbitant across the country,” stated Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-NM). “It’s vital to know that New Mexico’s families benefit from the success that the state is currently enjoying financially.” 

Residents of New Mexico must have submitted a 2021 individual tax return before May 31, 2024, to be qualified for this Stimulus Check.

What Are The Other Stimulus Checks Being Offered?

A few days remain for qualified Californians to apply for immediate Stimulus Check payment of $4,000. Recipients are free to use any way they see fit.

The donation is a component of Jewish Family Service’s nonprofit organization’s Recovery Action Fund for Tomorrow initiative. According to the non-profit, requests for the grant went up on May 8 and ended on May 21 at 11:59 p.m. Residents of San Diego who match the eligibility requirements—having at least a single kid below the age of 18, being over 55 years old, or being an adult with a disability—will receive these benefits. 

Additionally, candidates must reside in one of the 39 San Diego County Health Equity ZIP codes, each of which is listed on the Internet.

Payments will be made in two surges, the initial being made in June and the subsequent one in August, with recipients chosen through a lottery system. A prepaid debit card that may be picked up in person at selected locations or received in the mail will be used to disperse the funds.