Salma Hayek Proves Troll Doesn’t Have Power Over Self Confidence

Salma Hayek

The 56-year-old Mexican-American actress has always been known as someone bold and beautiful. She never stepped back from speaking her mind.

Salma Hayek always says you do what you gotta do. She made the statement on the Jimmy Fallon show. Her accent is funny yet there is something about it. Recently she uploaded a video of her dancing with a white bathrobe on.

She was not alone, there were also stylists and makeup artists. Even in her late fifties, she is bold and fit. Fans often compare her fitness with Jennifer Lopez.

Salma Hayek And Her Celebration Dance

She just reached 24 million followers on Instagram. Indeed it deserves a dance. Salma Hayek in front of her artists danced around a little bit a white bathrobe on. Some fans have started pointing out whether she had a wardrobe malfunction or not. 

Some say she did, some say the opposite. Even if she did. She couldn’t care any less. Salma Hayek chose not to pay attention to what the internet had to say about her. She doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion whatsoever.

Well, of course, she is Salma Hayek, and nobody tells her what she needs to do. Even her husband couldn’t make her do anything of his choice. She has a great body. Some of her fans do feel that her stunning body needs some attention indeed.

However, in a more unintentional way, Salma Hayek posed for photos. She was at the beach. She was wearing a yellow bikini. She dived at sunset. Some haters said it was not very hot of her to showcase her body at this age. Again she doesn’t care. 

Some of Salma Hayek’s notable work Frida, Grown Ups, she did with Adam Sandler.