Lea Michele’s Perfect Mother’s Day

Lea Michele

After everything her son has been through. This mother was special indeed. Lea Michele couldn’t be any more grateful to God and everyone’s well wishes. The two-year-old Ever gave a health scare. Which led his mama to miss several episodes of Funny Girl.

Working moms have the hardest jobs. They leave their kids at home, juggling careers and motherhood. Even if the slightest inconvenience occurs with children they blame themselves. 

The continuous battle between child and career. Those working mothers love them equally. This Mother’s day was special to her. She brought the best person of her life on stage. Concluded her performance with Ever.

Lea Michele Has Set Her Priorities

She has no regrets for missing performances on stage for Funny Girl. She had to be with her son, so she did.

Lea Michele’s two years old son was hospitalized earlier this year. They welcomed Ever in August 2020. Lea Michele and Reich tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in California.

During her curtain closer recently she picked up her son Ever from the crowd. The family of three was present at the Funny Girl show. It was Mother’s Day and Lea Michele didn’t step back to show gratitude towards her husband and son.

It was supposed to be her day, although she made it about them. Her two years old son was hospitalized twice earlier this year. She previously shared an Instagram story writing about how it’s hard to see her child suffering and unable to do anything.

The second time was hectic for them as parents. However, within days Ever started to feel better. Lea Michele shared a post of her son showing gratitude to doctors and hospital staff for giving their best to their son.

Because of her son’s condition, Lea Michele missed lots of funny girl performances. She has zero regrets. Fans took a video of her while she picked up her son. Fans were awed by her gesture. Some shared the video and wrote how great a mother she is.