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Stimulus Checks By Major Metro Cities In The US Provide Relief During COVID

The White House and Congress have shut doors for a 4th stimulus check encouraging major metro cities all over the US to take initiative to give added stimulus check. People in dire need can keep receiving recurring aid money from COVID relief funds

The central government urged large cities and non-profits to initiate almost 50 programs. This will provide recurring stimulus funds to people in crisis and help communities in unstable economic conditions. 

Large Cities Stepping-Up To Give More Stimulus Checks 

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The financial crisis is looming large from the ongoing pandemic and a few large metros are leading by example by giving stimulus checks from their very own pockets. 

I: Los Angeles 

This metro is running the largest program by giving out a massive $40 million worth stimulus check through direct payment. 

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3200 LA families, who will be selected randomly, struggling due to the pandemic will soon find a monthly relief of $1000. The citizens need to be of 18 years with a minimum poverty-level income. They must also be in extreme hardship with one dependent and can apply till 7th November. 

II: Chicago 

Another large metro has decided to offer a monthly check of $500 to 5000 low-income citizens. 

A budget of $31.5 million was passed by the city’s council on 27th October. 

III: New York 

75 low-income people in Hudson will get a monthly relief of $500 for 5 years. The citizens will be decided through a lottery. 

IV: Pittsburgh 

A monthly stimulus check of $500 for 2 years with low-income in Pittsburgh will certainly get relief. City Council informed 200 Black women will be beneficiaries. 

V: Seattle 

Eligible applicants may receive $100-$3000 checks under the Relief Fund announced on 25th October. Seattle decided to offer $16 million worth of stimulus checks to people in need.

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