Taylor Swift ‘Likes’ An Instagram Post By Kelce Brothers Regarding Jason’s Shirtless Reaction

Taylor Swift

It appears that Jason Kelce’s bare-chested antics delighted Taylor Swift. A video of their conversation was posted on Instagram after Jason, thought back on his widely publicized shirtless joy of his sibling Travis’ KCC score in the second quarter of the game on Sunday on their podcast, New Heights. Swift liked the post.

The brothers discussed the incident in the video, which happened just before they beat their opponents and almost guaranteed a trip to the AFCC.

Taylor Swift Mingling With The Kelce Family And Other ‘Events’ At The Game

Travis said, ‘You cheered for my score by leaping out of your suite, yelling, stripping off your shirt, drinking a beer along with the crowd, and then plunging back in. “I saw this, and there was chaos all around.” In reply, he went on that his whole thing was going to be for naught if he decided not to run for presidential elections. It appeared to be an election campaign. Jason disagreed humorously. “Cease, cease. This isn’t in any way political. Here’s just a dude savoring the dead of the cold in his natural habitat, accompanied by his buddies from Bills Mafia. This is just that.” Laughing, the center for the Eagles said that he wished to remain outside long enough to get his nipples harder. Travis said, “Your thermostats were unable to gauge how chilly it had become yet?”

Jason retorted, “My thermostats failed to adjust to the weather.” After that, Travis expressed his want to witness further evidence of his sister-in-law Kylie Kelce’s “so bad” response to the event, even though she wasn’t quite as impressed with the performance Jason put on. However, Jason did disclose that Kylie, 31, his wife and with whom he has three daughters, was informed in advance of the plan. Further adding that although they had a banter about it since it was about his first impression in front of Taylor Swift, everything turned out great in the end since the post was liked by Taylor Swift herself.