Taylor Swift’s Plea to Stop Cyberbullying John Mayer

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a world-renowned music artist of the 21st century. As we all have come across the quote that the Pen is mightier than the Sword, similarly Taylor Swift seems to possess the power to persuade the emotions of the audience with her music. However, Taylor Swift informs widely that the intention was never to instigate people to act negatively. 

The song “Dear John” had been released in her 2010 album Speak Now and she wishes to re-release her own version on July 7. It was not hard to guess that the titular John and her lyrics were directed towards John Mayer, a 31-year-old man whom the 19-year-old Taylor Swift had dated. The song, however, had a massive impact and it is unlikely for the rage to cool down whatever changes Swift makes to her album in the rerelease. 

Taylor Swift Only Wants Peace

Swift performed “Dear John” live at the Minneapolis stopover of her sold-out Eras tour last Saturday. Taylor Swift positively stressed facts to her followers that she did not care about the past and that this tour’s focus was sharing friendship bracelets with her fans. Swift appealed to her followers to mediate similar sentiments and banish hatred towards John Mayer and the world at large. She tried to justify that the re-release was not to rile up vengeance on her exes and to attain defense from her followers, but to own her own music.

In 2012, Mayer expressed his dissatisfaction to Rolling Stone stating that it was humiliating that Swift had produced such a song. However, Mayer is not the only ex on Speak Now Taylor Lautner also features in it with the song “Back to December”. We are fully aware of the power of the public which made her feel the necessity to stop the cyberbullying that had been occurring by the Swifties.