Telegram Initiates WhatsApp Chat Import Facility On iOS


Telegram just made it easier to make your shift from the WhatsApp chat service. Now you don’t have to lose all your earlier WhatsApp conversations if you want to make the switch platforms. But this service has been activated only on iOS for now. Android users have to wait for some time more to get this service on their smartphones.

This latest feature came with the new version 7.4 that was released on January 27th. Amid WhatsApp privacy backlash, 9to5Mac reported first on this new tool that has been developed by Telegram to import chats from other messaging apps.

The new chat import tool doesn’t work only for WhatsApp but also other messaging services like Line and KakaoTalk. The service can be only activated on the latest version of Telegram, i.e., the 7.4.1 version. The shift will ensure that you have a smooth conversation without the complexities of a platform shift but is only possible if all the users in your WhatsApp list have an account on Telegram.

Telegram Takes Advantage Of WhatsApp Exodus

This new feature comes after messaging apps like Telegram and Signal see a surge in users post the controversy regarding WhatsApp’s privacy policy. There was growing concern among people regarding the divulging of information to WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook following the new privacy policy.

WhatsApp made some damage control after Telegram’s users started growing rapidly. Firstly, it delayed the new policy introduction and also made statements regarding the fact that this new policy will not affect users’ privacy in any way.

But the new chat service seems to be working hard on making the most out of this situation. Including a tool that will help import past conversations from one chat platform to another seems like the best way to help people make the shift.