The 5 Most Surprising Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2022

Samsung S22 Ultra
Samsung S22 Ultra

Marketing is always a fluid concept, and the best marketing teams can stay ahead of the competition by understanding where their audience are going to be, and how best to reach them.

In a more digital world, consumers are moving away from consuming more traditional media; physical newspapers and magazines sales have been dwindling for a while, but the growth of subscription streaming services seems to be putting a kibosh on the consumption of live TV.

Finding a niche in a crowded digital space is not a simple task, but it can be done if there is enough research and knowledge about what works for the preferred demographic.

The Samsung S22 Ultra

Samsung S22 Ultra
Samsung S22 Ultra

TikTok is one of the highest performing non-game apps ever, and with over a billion active users it is an obvious choice for an advertising campaign. With curated ‘for you’ videos placed on dashboards across the globe, there is a real opportunity for a quick video to go viral.

The latest release by the smartphone giant focused the advertising on the camera ability – shooting great quality at night. Their 30-second TikTok video was created in collaboration with Charles Jeffrey from the British Fashion Council and was shot entirely at night using the phone technology. As a piece of advertising, it is simple yet effective – demonstrating exactly what the S22 is capable of when it comes to low light situations.

Jackpot Party and Sofia Vergara

Whether celebrities or Instagrammers with hundreds of thousands of followers, using influencers is just another form of affiliate marketing. An influencer uses the product or service and gives consumers the opportunity to see it in action, they talk up the product, and encourage followers to get involved.

Sofia Vergara really shot to fame after starring in Modern Family, and since 2020 she has been a judge on the TV show America’s Got Talent. Working with Jackpot Party Slots Casino, a campaign has started showing Vergara using the fun casino app to help her wind down after a busy day shooting the show, and the ads also run during the TV broadcast of the show, too.

World Market

Social media posts are a great way to showcase products, and there are now shoppable tags available to business accounts. What this means is that in one image, several different items can be tagged with their name, price, and a link to the shop to complete a transaction – so consumers can buy directly from the advertising.

World Market is a home goods store, selling beautifully designed furniture and accessories for the home. In their social media posts, especially on Instagram, they place a number of the items they sell together so that the consumer can see what it might look like in their own home, then tag each individual product. This makes it much easier for a customer to choose something that they like and go ahead and make the purchase.