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The Price Of Bitcoin Is Down BY 40% From Its All-Time High Records

The price of Ether went down below the range of $3,000 and the price of bitcoin faced a record low at $37,000. Thus, in this rollercoaster journey of the week, the markets equities also experienced a huge sell-off that occurred because investors are scared of potential changes which can take the form of the upcoming rate hike in the Federal Reserves.

Analysis Stated Bitcoin Is Starting To Bottom Out

In recent times, the price of bitcoin decreased by 41.72% from its all-time highest record of $69,000. The recent price can be described as a bear market and a deep study of data of derivatives and on-chain portrays that there was a decrease in inflows. The investors of institutions are also a key reason for the fluctuation of the price action of BTC. 

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There has been a lot of change since the year 2017 and at that time the market of Bitcoin was supervised and controlled by the derivatives market and spot trading that comprised a small part of the trading volume. 

As per a report of Glassnode, the derivates of bitcoin are currently representing the venue for the discovery of price and the volume of future trade represents multiples of spot market volumes. This gives some impact on the present price of BTC as the volume of future trade is decreasing since January, last year. 

The value of metric has also gone down by 59% from the record high of $80 billion in a day in the initial time of 2021 to its present value which is $30.7 billion for each day. Meanwhile, the perpetual futures have exceeded ancient calendar futures as the choice of instrument matches the price of the spot index more closely.

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As per the report of Glassnode, the recent open interest in perpetual swaps is equal to 1.3% of the market cap of Bitcoin and is going towards a high level which has never happened before.

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