The S2F Model Of Bitcoin – Success Or A Failure?


The prediction of the S2F model, regarding the Bitcoin price, is being challenged. According to the model, the Bitcoin price is likely to be $288,000, by the year, 2022. However, there are two execs of the fund stating something else. They are currently betting on the model to not pan out.

Eric Wall’s Take On The Bitcoin

The chief officer, of Arcane Assets, Eric Wall, has stated that that the bitcoin model, S2F, will fail before 2025. He has even put a bet $1 billion on it.

This was made public through his November 12th tweet. He wrote that he would be willing to pay his 32,700 Twitter followers an amount of $1 billion, however, he placed some conditions to it. For anyone who takes on the bet, they must first know his statements.

Wall declared that the bitcoin model S2F will not stand for five years, it will be “broken”. Now “broken”, according to him, is the Bitcoin price not reaching the target range by 50%.

PlanB, On Bitcoin

The analyst has something else to say. According to him, the SF2 model has a very bright future as there is a shortage on the supply side. He is quite optimistic that the BTC price in December 2021, is likely to reach somewhere in the range of $100,000-$288,000.

Only time can tell whose prediction on the Bitcoin model was legitimate or who is a more reliable analyst!