Snapchat Introduces New Exciting Features!


Dive into the new features of astrology on your favorite app, Snapchat!

For those of you who know about astrology, you are well versed with the intricacy of the subject. It is from the 12th of November, 2020 that you will be able to access the astrological compatibility and profiles.

Wait! There’s more!

According to the 2020 yearly Friendship Report of Snapchat, among the 30,000 people who responded, 49% of them confirmed that they felt lonelier than before the pandemic. This response came when they were asked, about how they felt after not being able to see their friends following the pandemic. So, apart from the astrological access, Snapchat is also working to foster connections between friends, virtually.

How To Use Astrological Features of Snapchat?

In order to use the feature-

1: Go to the Snap Profile.

2: Choose your zodiac sign after you tap on the purple icon.

3: As you click the icon, you will come across some information to fill. Fill them.

4: Enjoy your newfound feature where you can check your astrological compatibility with any of your friends on Snapchat. Just make sure that they have completed a similar process.

Know More About The Feature-

After having completed the above-mentioned steps, you can go through your personalized compatibility information. This will be on the friendship profile, which will be based on the birth charts of both you and your friend.

What’s more exciting is that you will be able to download and share the readings. This is because they will be presented in the format of Stories.

So, congratulations on being able to look for the fault in you and your friend’s stars, if there’s any, through Snapchat!