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Third Stimulus Check : Accounting For SSI & SSDI Beneficiaries And Dependents

If you are among those who receive your Social Security Check, here are a few points that could help you understand the requirements for your third stimulus check and when you could expect to receive it.

It is almost a week since Americans have been receiving their third stimulus payment from the Internal Revenue Service. But those who receive support under the Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income schemes. The IRS has promised to share the details shortly.

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More than 90 million stimulus payments have already been dispatched as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Stimulus (CARES) Act. Millions of checks are on their way and most of the payments have been by direct transfer into accounts. Direct transfers have been done by the IRS to those who are tax filers and have given their details to the authorities. The rest of the checks will be through the US Postal Service by way of debit cards and paper checks.

A Few Additional Details For People Under The SSI & SSDI Before They Receive Their Third Stimulus Check

If you are a recipient of either SSI or SSDI, you need to know a few things before you receive your stimulus payment. For instance, getting the check during the tax season might complicate things, like adding a dependent to your tally in 2020. Any change in the status of receiving SSDI or SSI could complicate matters. You could calculate how much you or your household can expect with the help of the stimulus calculator. The IRS check tracking tool will also help you track your third stimulus check.

Things get complicated with changes in several factors and that makes calculating the exact amount a bit difficult. The IRS formula has also been tweaked a bit. Every additional dependent gets you an additional payment but there is a ceiling to the income for individuals and families which max out at $80,000 and $160,000 respectively.

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You will need to enter your AGI (Adjustable Gross Income) and also your dependent details. The AGI is gross income with fewer adjustments to income. Gross income includes wages, business income, capital gains, dividends, retirement distributions, and other incomes. Adjustments include student loan interest, educator expenses, alimony, contributions to retirement benefits, certain business expenses, etc.

Getting The Correct Figure Of Your Third Stimulus Check

Third Stimulus Check
Third Stimulus Check

Certain changes in your qualification for the stimulus payments might get you a bigger payment this time. This is true if you are a member of all families with mixed-citizenship, or if you claim dependents.

If you have missed out on the last two stimulus checks, you can also apply for and get them if you file returns before the May 17 deadline for tax filing. You also need to know regarding a potential fourth payment.

Looking Forward To A Third Stimulus Check If You  Receive SSI Or SSDI Benefits

The IRS announced that a date for SSI & SSDI beneficiaries will be declared soon. It is working with various federal authorities for updated information of potential recipients.

From what we are familiar with so far, the first round of the $1,400 checks has gone out through direct account transfers and paper checks. The latest information with the IRS will be used to send out the checks. This might even be your 2020 tax returns. The authorities will reach out to Americans and guide them on their eligibility and offering guidance to get their third stimulus check.

If you miss out on any part of your stimulus payment, you can claim it in 2022 as a part of the 2021 tax season. You will need to file returns for the same if the authorities stick to the method adopted for the 2020 tax season.

Under President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, if you receive SSDI & SSI, you will qualify for the thirst stimulus. The same rule applied for the initial two stimulus payments in 2020.

You were eligible for the first and second stimulus checks if you have your Social Security number plus if weren’t considered a dependent under someone else tax returns. You were only eligible if your income was within the threshold limit of $75.000 for individuals, $150,000 for married couples, and $112,500 for heads of household.

Additions To The Rules For The Thirst Stimulus Check

The Bill passed by President Biden has included adult dependents between 17 and 24 years and older dependents. They will get the same maximum amount of $1,400. The payments will also be more focused. Individuals earning $75,000 or below will get the full check. It will be phased out completely if it is above $80,000.

If you receive benefits under the Veterans Affairs and Railroad Retirement schemes, you also qualify for the scheme. This rule was the same for the last two stimulus payments.

How Much To Recieve In The Third Stimulus Check?

The authorities are in the process of calculating the amount of the third stimulus check for those getting other federal benefits.

Most SSDI & SSI recipients did not receive their checks in the first round of payments, as is the normal rule in previous occasions. The payments went out through non-Direct Express bank accounts or paper checks for those who do not have their details with the tax authorities.

The IRS informed that people should have received their initial two stimulus payments through Direct Express cards. For the third stimulus check, Social Security and additional federal beneficiaries should receive their payments in the same way they receive their regular benefits.

How Much Will Dependents Contribute To The Third Stimulus Check?

Third Stimulus Check
Third Stimulus Check

Under the CARES Act of March 2020, every dependent under 16 contributed $500 to the stimulus payment in the first round and $600 under the second stimulus payment.

But under the thirst stimulus check, every dependent will contribute up to $1,400. You also qualify if you welcomed a baby home in 2020.

People eligible for various benefits like the SSI, SSDI, Railroad Retirement remuneration, and Social Security retirement automatically received their stimulus check without filing returns.

But your payment could have been withheld for payment to certain creditors, or child support in the first stimulus check. Calculation error could be another reason.

To receive any previous payments, you can make use of the Recovery Rebate Credit as part of your 2020 returns. Create and check an IRS tax account to know your eligibility for the previous two stimulus checks.

How To Claim Dependents Stimulus Money?     

Your payment should have come in automatically through a catch-in payment. It did not matter if you had filed your returns or used the Non-Filers tool.  You ought to have got the payment if you had filed for missing dependent checks by November 21, 2020. Otherwise, your check will be adjusted against your 2020 return filed in 2021. You can check the IRS account.

If your Social Beneficiary address is outside the US, and your benefits are deposited outside the US, you will likely get your third stimulus check by mail.

If you receive your payments through a direct transfer, you will have received the first two stimulus checks in the same way. If you haven’t, you can claim it through your tax returns.

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