Three Stimulus Check Payments Will Be Going Out This Particular Month- Check If Money Will Be Coming Your Way Or Not

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The citizens of the country will have quite a few direct stimulus check payments that they would definitely be looking forward to in the month of May, and they would be ranging from $250 to $3,284. There have been several states that have already created quite a few rebate programs in order to benefit the residents as they keep facing sky-high inflation and economic uncertainty.

Needless to say, the three different payments will each have their own set of qualifications, but there are many Americans who could easily expect to see the payments hit next month. 

Stimulus Check Payments Coming Up In May

The state of Alaska has decided to issue stimulus check payments of $3,284 through its Permanent Fund Dividend. The payments will be made annually to all the eligible residents every year, and will also be based on a major portion of the oil revenues of the state. In 2022, it had a total worth of $3,284- along with an energy relief check. However, there are also certain eligibility requirements that come whilst securing the cash. For one, you would have to submit an application for the funds by the annual deadline of 31st March. It is also necessary for one to have been living in Alaska through all of 2021. 

In the state of Georgia, a stimulus check income tax refund worth up to $500 could be in the works. In order to qualify for the rebate this year, one must have filed for both the taxes of 2021 and 2022 and must have lived in the state. If the taxes have been filed on or before the 18th of April, one could expect the cash to come through by the 1st of July.