TikTok’s Black Creators Program First 100 Users


TikTok announced their first 100 users of this round who will join their 3-month long creator program. It is an initiative for Black Creatives. The entire program is now a partnership program with MACRO. MACRO is a media company multiplatform. It will start along with their hundred Black creators. This program was first introduced to the world back at the beginning of the year in January. And it promises including town halls that are motivational, educational events as well as forums for building communities. 

TikTok’s partner represents the perspectives and voices of people of color. It is in all to create a grant for a selective group of creators and musicians on the application. These grants will go towards creative tools, educational resources as well as equipment for helping creators. This will help them all grow their own brands. MACRO will also provide advice on professional opportunities, speaker selection, and content for the chosen creators. This program was a result of a massive backlash against the social media giant for not representing black voices and racism. They gave an apology in June. 

TikTok’s Black Creators Program 

Creators selected for this program by TikTok are Grace Victoria, Bran Movay, Robert. L Statesboro as well as Marc Strong. Their ranges are artists, fitness professionals, chefs, musicians, fashion bloggers and beauty bloggers, entertainers, etc. MARCO, in a joint statement, said that the firm’s foundations were built on “amplifying” voices of the black community. They did not just find these artists but educate and give resources to help grow their careers and opportunities. 

TikTok wrote about the program in an announcement back in the day. They called Black creators the “driving force” of their community. They noted that they were “committed” to help amplify these voices.