Reaction Of Todrick Hall After Getting Out Of Big Brother

Todrick Hall

Todrick Hall secured second place in season 3 of Big Brother and shared a few posts through social media after his elimination. He became a successful Big Brother contestant and regularly got involved with his fandom.

Todrick Hall entered the show as a massive franchise fan and quickly allied with Miesha Tate, which made them reach the finale together. The said relationship was often compared with Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur of season 16. However, fans and his co-stars were getting angry at Todrick’s game at the end of the journey, and he received much backlash. 

Todrick Hall Is Interested In Keeping A Low Profile

Miesha won this season with a vote of 7-1, where the majority of the jury members were mad at Todrick. After leaving the show, he was severely criticized by the CBB; as a result, he canceled all his interviews.

However, Todrick Hall is slowly getting back on social media and trying his best to post something controversial about the show or the fan’s reaction. Instead, he is posting about his upcoming projects like the Femuline album and the rights of LGBTQIA+. Some reporters and fans thought that Todrick would reschedule his interviews or explain through social media. However, the singer keeps a low profile and talks about unrelated things, which is probably a wise decision.

His silence is giving him some breathing room and space from all the negative comments of the viewers and the trauma of the game. Todrick also needs to analyze and process all the things that have been said about him, and the time will help his haters to cool down. Though he made many mistakes in the show, it is still hard for him to see his fans hating him.