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Friday, August 12, 2022

Tom Brady’s Retirement Plans Not True: Media Team Clarifies

Tom Brady will remember January 29, 2022, as the weirdest day of his life. Citing league sources, ESPN’s Jeff Darlington and Adam Schefter reported that the Bay Area native and 7-time Super Bowl champion was retiring following 22 extraordinary seasons. But the initial news was immediately refuted by multiple sources including Tom Brady Sr., who said that his son had not made up his mind.

The news of his retirement was also reported by Jason Canfora of CBS Sports. But Tom Brady was emphatic that he had not decided either way when the news hit headlines.

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Things got weirder when TB12 Sports, the health and wellness firm owned by Tom Brady sent out an official tweet congratulating him on a remarkable career, but it was deleted subsequently after pushback from Brady Sr. and his agent.

Tom Brady’s Media Team Revealed That ESPN Jumped The Gun Without Confirming News

Shadow Lion, Tom Brady’s team, explained that the news was posted by ESPN without confirming it with Brady and his team. He had only informed me that he was taking it one day at a time. Buccaneers also revealed that they were not informed of the decision.

Tom Brady later announced in his regular podcast that Monday that he remained undecided, though he did hint at retiring on his Instagram account. He has since backtracked on his decision and has been informed that he will be back with the Buccaneers for the 2022 season.

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And when he finally retires, his media team is sure to be in for another surprise.

As Louisa Thomas of The New Yorkers wrote remained unscathed at 44 years despite a few shadowy wrinkles lining his tough brows. He remains the oldest player active in the league by 4 years. And he still leads the leagues in passing yards, touchdown passes, and completions.

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