Tom Schwartz Talks About How He Needed Some Time Away After VPR Scandoval

tom schwartz
tom schwartz

Tom Schwartz felt that he had to move to another planet in order to truly get some control over his life- after there were several issues which weighed him down on Earth.

The 40-year-old star of Vanderpump Rules, went on to join Stars on Mars this spring while being in the middle of the Sandoval cheating drama. This controversy had sparked off after the discovery that his business partner and long-term friend, Tom Sandoval, had been having a months-long affair with Raquel Leviss, his co star- behind Ariana Madix, his then-girlfriend. As it turns out, the entire debacle inside the friendship group was just one stack of problems for the co-owner of Schwartz and Sandy- who was himself a year out from his divorce. 

Tom Schwartz Talks About The Whole Host Of Problems He Was Surrounded With

Speaking to PEOPLE, Tom Schwartz mentioned that he felt that he had a little rain cloud right on top of his head. The entire scenario was pretty doom and gloom- and he thought he did turn out to be a little melodramatic, and self-indulgent.

He further added that he kind of felt that he had lost all control over his life- and it was falling apart a little bit. But he still thinks he should have grabbed his life by the reins and steered it on the course. As it turns out, Stars on Mars did give him the opportunity to do exactly that. He affirmed that this could not have come at a better time- and it was pretty transformative for him. 

Tom Schwartz claimed that when he came back, he had perspective that was entirely fresh and devoid of any adultery. He talked about the overview effect- wherein astronauts look at the planet from different points of view, which presents them with various perspectives- something Schwartz received as well!