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Friday, January 27, 2023

Tori Spelling Has Spoken About The Bravery Shown By Her Kids

This month, Tori Spelling has taken her kids to the emergency room three times. The 49-year-old former star of Beverly Hills, 90210 made the announcement on Friday night after taking her 15-year-old son Liam Aaron to the emergency room with a bad migraine. She posted a picture of Liam’s hospital wristband along with the caption where she spoke about how she had spent her day at the hospital surrounded by her husband and their kids.  

Tori Spelling’s Children Are Fighters

On Friday, she also posted a picture of her 51/2-year-old son Beau Dean in the hospital. Spelling didn’t forget to talk about how strong and courageous her child had been, despite being in apparent pain. A standard renal scan was being performed on Spelling’s baby because he was born with a malfunctioning kidney.

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In addition to a throwback image of her kid when he was 2 months old going through the same procedure, Spelling shared another image of Beau having his scan. The So Notorious star expressed gratitude to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in another post “for the best care,” where he mentioned that the hospitality and the care shown by the hospital was quite amazing- and they were grateful to the staff for the attention showered to their children. 

After revealing this week that her daughter Stella Doreen, 14, was hospitalized, Tori Spelling has provided another update. After experiencing a hemiplegic migraine, she was “feeling substantially better” when she went home from the hospital two days later, according to Spelling. Along husband McDermott, 56, who she married in 2006, Spelling is parents to Hattie Margaret, 11, and Finn Davey, 10.

In addition, Tori Spelling is the stepmother to Jack Montgomery, 24, and Lola Eustace, 17. When she disclosed last month that she was hospitalized and undergoing tests because she had difficulty in breathing which resulted in nausea, dizziness, and high blood pressure.

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