Travis Barker Quite Literally Marks Himself With Kourtney Kardashian’s Eyes

Travis Barker
Travis Barker

Travis Barker becomes the hot topic after inking his wife Kourtney Kardashian‘s eyes on his thigh. It is pretty evident now that Barker does have eyes for one and only her. The drummer of Blink-182 unveils this massive tattoo over an Instagram post this weekend. The series of pictures were captioned with a casual ‘hey there!’ shared on Saturday.

Travis Barker Marks His Body For Beloved Kourtney Yet Again 

Amongst the carousel of selfies, one of them featured the shirtless performer pulling up his brown boxers to uncover his newest tattoo. There are also close-up shots of this new ink, with one especially being behind her wife Kardashian’s derrière. 

In the post, the 43-year-old Poosh founder could be seen wearing some long-sleeved sort of shirt dress along with what seems to be her gleaming husband Travis Barker grabbing her thighs while crouching beneath her to the floor. 

Kourtney gleefully confirmed that it is her own eyes by sharing the picture to her private story along with flirty emoji. This certainly isn’t the only time the musician was found dedicating a tattoo to his beloved. At the beginning of the couple’s first date around 2021, Travis Barker inked his date’s name “Kourtney” onto his chest. This tattoo was further followed by a 3 lettered love confession on the forearm.

When the Kardashian was asked about her dearest ink piece amongst her spouse’s body, the star replied that it was her name ‘Kourtney’. She said I wrote the love you ink in cursive and then did it revealing that she tattooed Travis Barker at that moment. She added that beforehand she practiced writing a ‘K’ with the gun with a small heart on the side so there might be a few more than what we know of. 

The couple shared their vows in a mock-up wedding in Las Vegas last year in April 2023. The pair confirmed later it was just a fun ceremony and they haven’t been legally married yet.