Tristan Thompson Is Shocked By Mother’s Sudden Death In 2023

tristan thompson
tristan thompson cosloed by Khloe

Khloe Kardashian of the Kardashian sisters have attended her ex’s mother’s funeral. As per the news we are getting, Tristan Thompson, the star of Cleevland Cavaliers and the Kardashian sister has paid their tributes to the deceased in her funeral. The former lovebirds were also captured together in the sidelines too. 

Even though the couple’s dispute led to their split back in 2019, the former couple has always been bonded closely. The couple has a three years old daughter together. The couple was seen back in October while they were celebrating the birthday of their kid. The birthday party was yelling Kardashian all over it. 

Tristan Thompson’s mother’s funeral took place in Cleeveland. All of Thompson’s friends and family were there paying respect to the lady. 

Tristan Thompson Mourns His Mother’s Death: 

Andrea Thompson has always been an inspiring and significant figure in the NBL star’s life. She also was an active community member in Cleveland. Tristan Thompson, the NBA player has paid tribute to his mother sharing a picture of both of them together from his social media accounts

Tristan Thompson said that his heart breaks and said that he will never be the same without Andrea, his mother. He said that Andrea was the best mother and she taught him to be a man to give him lessons to become successful in life. Tristan added that he will always be grateful for everything his mother did for him and his siblings. He also mentioned that she was a strong pillar of the family and the player will always love her. 

It is not surprising that Khloe Kardashian has shown her support for Thompson because they have stayed close throughout their separation. The ex-couple has kept up strong communication for the benefit of their kid, and Kardashian’s participation at the burial is proof of their successful co-parenting.