Twitter Shares Insights Into the Success of The New Alerts to Get Users to Read Article Before Retweeting


In June, Twitter has created a new alert that appear when any user try to retweet an article without opening the link and read it whole.

Twitter read prompt

After 3 months of implementing these prompts, now, Twitter has shared the results and the effectiveness of the alerts. Also, how this new feature has changed the user’s behavior when they see the prompt.

As per to Twitter, people who open the article and read have increased with more than 40% after the saw the prompt. People who open the article before retweeting jumped to 33%. And some people decided not to retweet after they opened the article, which proves the effectiveness of making something that was actually done to decrease misinformation and false news.

The numbers are quite impressive, the value of these new prompts is amazing as it makes people think before sharing anything on social media, which is a huge problem we face nowadays.

It seems something very simple, but actually, it has a huge effect. This prompt made people less blindly sharing every information they see online. It also increases the benefit of reading and searching for users.

These prompts are just available on Android right now, but as it went very effective and successful, Twitter is working to bring them to all users around the world. Also, they are planning to make the alert smaller.

And obviously, the effects can be significant. Though the above visuals may not hold in an extended launch of the prompt, the numbers do show that the prompts are somewhat efficient, and may help decrease false information and the spread of misinformation.