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Friday, December 9, 2022

Twitter Updates Privacy and Safety Settings to Help Users Understand Their Options

Lately, Twitter has announced a new update for the Privacy and Safety settings and shared a new video explaining the different options available now, to help Twitter users to understand better any information that they share, and how they can limit things to protect their accounts and control their experience on the platform.

Twitter Privacy and Safety Settings
Twitter Updates Privacy and Safety Settings to Help Users Understand Their Options 3

As you can see in the picture above, the new menu from the Privacy and Safety settings has new icons and improved navigation options, that Twitter stated that they were improved based on an international privacy study made by the Twitter research team. Also, the listings focus on easier ways to understand language, which describes the purpose and functionality of every setting more properly.

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Not just that, the platform has also included a new range of how-to videos on the Privacy and Security help page to inform users how every particular element can be implemented.

twitter help
Twitter Updates Privacy and Safety Settings to Help Users Understand Their Options 4

These instructional videos are covering data tracking, Direct Messages, location information, advertisement activity, content preferences, and a lot more.

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Also, the additions will make it a lot easier for every user to better understand how they can manage their Twitter account data, and how their data can be used by Twitter’s ad partners for outreach and targeting. The instructions have also provided explanations on how to manage what you want to see and what you want to avoid on your news feed. And, for sure, that will help to enhance your experience on Twitter.

It is a relatively minor update, yet a very significant one, regarding Twitter, is still working on making the user’s experience more simple and easy to enhance its raise between new users. The simple informative video clips are definitely helping in this matter, while the rechecked language will also make it simpler and easier for all users to better understand the new options.

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