9 Exchange Identities Are Seized By The FBI And Ukraine Due To Allegations Of Money Laundering


Authorities asserted that the exchanges made it possible for crooks to evade opposite money laundering regulations. US Investigative Bureau and the law authorities of Ukraine allegedly helped nine virtual currency trades by seizing their domains. The FBI’s Detroit Office and the Ukranian police allegedly “coordinated, conducted an activity that was authorized by the court, that led to the closure and seizure of the domains of 9 digital currency trade firms, as per a news statement from May 1.

Ukraine Cryptocurrency Agencies Seek The Help Of FBI In Fraudulent Cases

The FBI’s Field Office in Detroit and the Ukrainian police allegedly coordinated and conducted activities that had been authorized by the court. that led to the closure and confiscation of the websites of nine digital currency trade firms in Ukraine, according to a news statement from May 1.

The website 100btc.pro, 24xbtc.com, bitcoin24., trust-exchnge.org, along with, pridechange.com exchange were among the confiscated domains. Each allegedly provided their users with completely anonymous virtual exchange facilities while avoiding several regulations and guidelines demanded of authorized crypto exchanges. A search warrant from the law enforcement agency will be displayed to anyone trying to get into these websites.

The trades, which provided services in English as well as Russian, had “lax” opposed money laundering controls and only collected very little or no KYC data, according to the FBI. These unauthorized, rogue trades, according to the FBI, “function as important cites in the ecosystem of cybercrime.”

In Ukraine, several of the digital currency trades, as per the agency in Ukraine, were shown on digital platforms that have been discussing criminal indulgences. Many of the cyber agents responsible for crypto-worm, as well as other hackers and cybercriminals, were involved in the activities of crime taking place at the concerned exchanges.

In the past couple of months, several cryptocurrency-related cases in Ukraine have taken the help of the FBI.