Stimulus Checks Update: Would You Qualify For $500 Checks Provided By A State?

Stimulus check

Many happy Georgians might have gotten more money already as the government started sending out its first batch of stimulus checks for surplus tax rebates yesterday.

Legislators granted Governor Brian Kemp’s proposal to provide qualified state taxpayers their income tax rebates for the second year in a row. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, these rebates will use up an estimated $1B of the $7.6B in excess earnings from the previous financial year.

According to recent reports, Brian Kemp stated that Georgia is back in such a position that it would be able able to produce excess tax refunds and stimulus checks, he said, thanking the previous years of conservative budgeting along with good responsibility and their choosing to protect not only lives but livelihoods as well amid the years of the pandemic.

Governor Brian Kemp Hails Years Of Good Planning Responsible For Being Able To Provide Stimulus Checks For Nation

Both the $950M real estate taxes rebate and the revenue tax rebate were campaign commitments kept by Kemp throughout his victorious re-election bid last year.

House Resolution 162, a law for individuals who have submitted returns for 2021 as well as 2022, was signed by Gov. Kemp in March. Refund $250 stimulus checks for those who file alone or coupled taxpayers who registered individually $376 for the head of the family, or above $500 for joint filers who are married should be issued to those who qualify. Residents who have submitted taxes in the past two financial years are eligible for stimulus checks, although no one’s eligibility will be measured beyond what they have in the state’s revenue taxes for 2021. Stimulus checks will be mailed to eligible recipients, or money can be deposited right away.

No money will be given to those who do not owe taxes, which includes numerous retirees who do not due state revenue taxes. Taxpayers who have been listed as dependents and owed money in taxes in 2021 are also qualified for the rebate, though.