Confirming Son’s Engagement, Jon Bon Jovi States That Age Does Not Matter

Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi thinks that love can endure forever, no matter how old a person gets.

The renowned singer was grilled by viewers of the Sirius XM program by Andy Cohen on Tuesday on Jake Bongiovi, his son’s engagement to Millie, 19.

When Cohen questioned 61-year-old Bon Jovi, about if he worried his son was marriage was happening a bit too soon in his life, Bon Jovi responded that he did not believe that age mattered once someone found the right person and could grow together.

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Jon Bon Jovi stated that Jake is one of his latest children who got engaged with his three to four other children who are already to be married. However, it does not worry him since he had been with his wife Dorothea since high school. Jon Bon Jovi further added that his advice would be to develop together and he believes that each one of his children has met someone they feel they can develop with. 

Then, Cohen, 54, inquired if Jon Bon Jovi had seen Stranger Things, in which Brown plays Eleven. To which Jon Bon Jovi replied that indeed he had seen the show and thought that Millie’s performance was amazing, adding that her entire family was wonderful and Jake was very happy. On 11th April, Brown uploaded a picture of herself sporting a diamond engagement band while Bongiovi hugged her, announcing their engagement.

He posted a picture of them taken from a different perspective as they were hugging on the sea beach. A photo of the couple gazing affectionately at one another was also included in his post. His post said “Forever.” When Millie and Jake posted a photograph together via Instagram in 2021 June, romance speculations initially started to circulate. The terms “BFF” and an emoji heart were used as the description for the photo by Bongiovi.