Valerie Bertinelli On ‘Toxic’ Circumstances After Divorce, Says Moving On Does Not Mean Forgiving 

Valerie Bertinelli
Valerie Bertinelli

The 62-year-old American actress has always been candid about her post-divorce healing process. This Tuesday, the star of Food Network, Valerie Bertinelli had some wise words to share on her Instagram story for her followers struggling through a difficult time. Valerie Bertinelli’s message becomes more relevant in light of her official divorce from her then-husband, Tom Vitale. She was previously also in matrimony with the late legendary guitarist, Eddie Van Halen. 

Only six months after having arranged for separation legally, Valerie Bertinelli filed for dissolution of her marriage from Vitale. In several interviews she has been quite open about the constant criticisms she had to endure from her then-husband, commenting on and humiliating her body. 

Drawing inspiration from the 2019 Taylor Swift video which Valerie Bertinelli posted on her stories, says that like Swift, she also believes that not forgetting, or forgiving but being indifferent is the only way to healing from a toxic relationship. In the video posted, Swift appears to be in an interview discussing how moving on from a particular someone does not require one to forgive or forget but simply be indifferent. 

The Invisible Bruises Of Valerie Bertinelli’s Toxic Relationship! 

An excellent host to her cooking show titled, Valerie’s Home Cooking, she repeatedly has spoken about the mental turmoils of a toxic relationship, often referring to their consequences as invisible bruises that only those dealing with it can see. The invisible bruise believes Valerie Bertinelli, is what comes with recurrent emotional, mental, or verbal abuse from those we hold close to our hearts. 

Recalling an instance that reminded her of the invisible bruises she opened up about one such incident where she had endlessly been ridiculed by her then-husband Vitali for wearing a particular pair of pants. However, Valerie Bertinelli maintains that although difficult at times, she is grateful for the work she is doing to heal herself.