Vanessa Bryant Shares Glimpses Of Her Daughter’s Birthday

vanessa bryant
vanessa bryant

After Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant’s accident Vanessa Bryant was vulnerable, she lost two of the most important person in her life. And that void will never be filled. The whole nation cried after the tragic accident of Kobe and Gianna Bryant. It didn’t only break the Bryant family, it broke billions of hopes. Vanessa’s speech at the memorial made everyone cry, it was unfair to those two innocent souls.

Vanessa Bryant Never Lets Her Daughters Feel The Absence Of Their Father

Before the pandemic hit the world in 2020 march, a major tragic incident hit the Bryant family. Vanessa Bryant, a former model, and widow of Kobe Bryant lost her 13 years old daughter Gianna and her beloved husband Kobe Bryant in a chopper accident. She was married to Kobe Bryant in 2001 and shares four daughters. This chopper accident shook the nation to the core, every mother and sister cried that day remembering what happened to Vanessa Bryant.

Vanessa Bryant now takes care of three daughters aged between 3 to 19. She shared a recent photo on Instagram giving us a glimpse of her daughter Bianka Bella’s sixth birthday. Along with her birthday girl, Vanessa shared pictures of her three daughters including Gianna whom she lost with her late husband. They visited Italy where Kobe Bryant grew up until they moved to the states and visited every place she and her husband have visited before. She posted pieces of their memories together on Instagram.

Vanessa posted another photo of the six of them together when they visited Kobe Bryant’s childhood home in Philadelphia, and a short video clip of Kobe playing basketball. Many other celebrities who are friends with Vanessa, wished Bianka Bella, and not a single soul held themselves back to praise how strong Vanessa has become after Kobe Bryant’s death. It’s hard to tackle everything alone but she is nailing it every day, and everyone salutes for that.